Start Fundraising

The Down Syndrome Association of the Lowcountry and Ecofitness will host the 2nd annual Ride for Kids with Special Needs on May 3, 2014.  

In 2013 Ecofitness teamed up with the Down Syndrome Association of the Lowcountry and raised $20,000 to fund I Can Bike, a nationally recognized camp for kids with special needs.

This week long camp brought in a team of professionals with specialized training equipment. And with the help of 60 local volunteers 40 kids (some with Autism, Down syndrome and other gross motor delays) learned to ride a bike! No longer will they wait at home while their friends and family go bike riding. Older individuals have a new means of local transportation. And all got a much-needed boost in confidence!

A few weeks later with monies remaining from the fundraiser, DSAL hosted a week long Swim Camp at Hobcaw Club with the help of local swim coaches and professionals.

This year we plan to expand our summer camp programming to include a week long Climbing Camp at James Island County Park climbing wall. We will commandeer the walls until 1 pm each day for a week in June.

Our hope is to recruit 60 participants from the special needs community, leveraging all 16 park staff belays for hour-long sessions. Climbing offers an amazing opportunity to strengthen the entire body and success can be experienced throughout the week with the help of belays. A great way for youth to make new friends in their community and achieve a goal in a sport that’s likely new to them.

Please join us Saturday May 3rd in our second annual RIDE FOR KIDS, as we raise money and awareness for community members with special needs!