Safe Passage

Safe Passage is a non-profit organization working in Guatemala City to bring hope, education, and opportunity to the children and families living in extreme poverty around the City's garbage dump. Our program includes approximately 550 children, ranging in age from 2 to 21 years, coming from nearly 300 families in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Our administrative staff, led by our Executive Director, is comprised of accomplished professionals from Guatemala and around the world. Guatemalan teachers and staff are assisted by caring volunteers who come from countries all over the map, as well as from places within Guatemala.

Our Board of Directors has Guatemalan and North American representation and meets several times annually, including twice each year in Guatemala. Safe Passage sustains itself with the help of over 700 child and mother sponsors, volunteers, Support Teams, and thousands of donorations from around the world by people like you.

In a country where 1 out of every 2 children suffers from malnutrition, the children at Safe Passage are well nourished with meals, vitamins and snacks - enabling them to focus on learning, not hunger.