TRC Foundation works to improve the lives of people with disabilities and other challenges in Chautauqua County, NY. Through this web site, you can create your own fund-raising web page and raise money online to help us make a difference in the lives of people with disabilities. You can create a web page in honor of a family member, a friend, a co-worker, or someone with a disability who you support in your daily work. You also can donate directly to TRC Foundation through this web site.

To create your personal fund-raising web page, simply click the "Start Fundraising" button. When setting up your page, you'll notice there is space to share your personal story about why you're raising money.  You also can include a photo, and it's easy to link your fund-raising web page to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Once you're set up, you can e-mail your fund-raising web page to your family members and friends.


TRC Foundation awards more than $70,000 in grants each year to projects that improve the lives of individuals with disabilities and other challenges. But more money always is needed in order to enable people with disabilities to enjoy a full life.


People can raise money for any reason, but most people create fund-raising pages to support one of our annual special events: the Laurel Run 8K Run & 5K Walk; the Step Up For Autism Walk; the Street JAM basketball festival; and the TRC Golf Classic.  But people also can raise money for their own event.

For Laurel Run and Step Up for Autism, we offer incentives for people to raise money.  If you raise $50, you receive free admission to the event.

* Raise $150 and you'll earn a $20 gift card to a store of your choosing
* Raise $250 and you'll earn a $40 gift card to a store of your choosing
* Raise $350 and you'll earn a $60 gift card
* Raise $450 and you'll earn an $80 gift card
* Raise $550 and you'll earn a $100 gift card


Attention, schools - take the "Step Up for Autism Challenge!" We'll be awarding a plaque to the school district that has the highest percentage of people taking part in the Autism Walk. Each school district should pick a team captain. The team captain then should register at To encourage more people to take part in Step Up for Autism, only the team captain needs to pay the $20 entry fee; everyone else on the team can register for free. (The team captain will receive an official 2013 Step Up for Autism T-shirt. Additional T-shirts will be available for sale.)

If your team would also like to raise money for Step Up for Autism, click the Start Fundraising button at the top of this page and create your team's fund-raising page. Then, share the info with the other members of your team, and start fund raising!


ANYONE CAN CREATE HIS OR HER OWN FUND-RAISING WEB PAGE AND GENERATE FUNDS FOR TRC FOUNDATION! You're only limited by your creativity! If you're involved in a special event, or if you need motivation for a fitness or weight-loss program, you can create a fund-raising page and start raising money for TRC Foundation. You'll be helping people with disabilities while also helping yourself. If you have questions or want more information, contact Steve Waterson at (716) 661-4735 or