Walker provides intensive services for children and youth facing complex emotional, behavioral, and learning challenges. Walker's multidisciplinary programs extend specialized therapeutic environments beyond our classrooms into family homes, public schools and community settings.

Walker is a non-profit special education and behavioral health organization that offers educational and clinical services for children, youth, and their families in nearly 100 communities across the Commonwealth. With the help of the dedicated professionals at Walker children, adolescents, and their families are able to rediscover their strengths, develop new skills, and begin the work of rebuilding their lives.

Each year, Walker directly serves more than 1,200 children and teens from across Massachusetts, ages 3 to 22, in educational, therapeutic, residential, and community programs while impacting an additional 18,000 children and families through training and consultation services.

All children will thrive in their family, school, and community.

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Our continued success depends on support we receive from our corporate partners, volunteers, community organizations, and individuals who want to make a difference. Friends just like you have helped make Walker a vibrant community with the power to transform lives. Click here to learn more.