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CARRY 5 Walk for Water - Multnomah University, Portland

CARRY 5 Walk for Water - Multnomah University, Portland

Monday, April 22, 1:30 PM

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What if you didn't have clean water at your home or at your school? Imagine carrying every drop of water you use...

For just one day, walk to experience what 1 billion people do every day. Carry up to 5 gallons of water for 5 kilometers in support of communities that need clean water in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India and Honduras. Carry as much water as you are able, or just join us for the walk.

Rally your friends to walk with you and raise money for water projects. For creative ways you can make a difference, visit www.water1st.org. Or start your own online fundraising page on this FirstGiving site and ask your family and friends to support you. Proceeds benefit Seattle-based Water 1st International. Your contributions will transform lives!



200 million women and children, mostly girls, spend up to 5 hours a day carrying water for their families.

5,000 children die from preventable, water-related diseases every day.

The world's poorest spend $80 million each day on treatments for water and sanitation-related diseases.

Just $75 provides a child with clean water, a toilet and hygiene education FOR LIFE.

Water projects save children's lives, give girls the opportunity to go to school, allow women the time to invest in earning an income, food production and education, save families money and would prevent 80% of the world's illnesses -- setting communities on a path out of extreme poverty. To learn more, visit www.water1st.org.