Until All the Pieces Fit - Personalized Paver and Artwork Project

Benefiting TrueNorth Wellness Services

Until All the Pieces Fit
Show your support for the NEW Amazing Kids Club by sponsoring a Pathway Paver or Original Artwork

You can make your mark on the NEW Amazing Kids Club at Westminster Avenue, Hanover, PA by investing in a personalized pavement paver and/or original artwork created by our clients. Clients and visitors will walk into the new 24,000-square-foot Center knowing that the community cares about bettering the lives of those with autism.

For individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, specially-designed environments can help reduce sensory stimuli and minimize unnecessary stress. Ample space, modified lighting, and intentionally planned rooms allow the children and adolescents the opportunity to focus better, learn new skills more effectively, and achieve better treatment outcomes.

Providing TrueNorth Wellness Services with the ability to design and control the environment from the “ground up” will allow for new, more advanced therapeutic practices and exposure to settings similar to those in real life (ground level environment with windows, large open spaces, outdoors), as well as: 

  • Double our current capacity to 24,000-square-feet 
  • ​Provide safe and easy pick-up and drop-off (current  drop-off is an alleyway in downtown Hanover)
  • Offer abundant parking for parents,staff and visitors (current location has metered parking)
  • Contain an outdoor play space (none at current  location)
  • Allow for additional play therapy areas
  • Provide additional staff offices


Deadline to order is July 1, 2017.

Please email all images to Melissa Speal, Marketing & Communications Director at mspeal@truenorthwellness.org. You can also reach her at 717-843-0800 ext. 2095.