Please click on our campaigns to the right to donate to individual projects. Our strategic goal is for 1,000,000 vulnerable people to achieve more dignity, food security, improved health, improved livelihoods and capacity to make their own decisions as a result of our work by 2020. Our three core values are: Collaboration with local partners, Innovation, and Expertise . Working across South East Asia and East Africa, Tag delivers expertise in 3 key areas of impact: 1) Developing sustainable livelihoods through climate-smart agriculture and beekeeping; 2) Reducing maternal mortality rates and improving women’s health and 3) Empowering young people at risk with skills. In accordance with local assets and needs, Tag works to promote information and knowledge sharing between north-south and south-south partners and experts. In addition, Tag undertakes capacity-building in general aspects of the organizational development of local civil society organizations, and, in coordination with its local partner/s, Tag takes a lead in overall project cycle management, monitoring, and evaluation responsibilities. Tag is a registered non-for-profit organization in the United States (501-c-3); UK; Burma (Myanmar) and Kenya. Our motto is "Sharing Knowledge Changing Lives".

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