Chromosome disorders may affect up to 1 in 150 individuals.   By supporting our 1 in 150 Giving Days 15-day fundraiser, you can support mission-critical research and patient support programs for those with these very rare disorders.   

Most chromosome disorders occur by accident but some may be inherited from one parent. Symptoms range from mild (developmental delays which make learning more difficult) to extremely severe (serious heart, neurological, skeletal or other medical problems which may sometimes be life threatening). At this time, there is no cure for these disorders but with additional research and support, individuals will have a greater chance of attaining healthier, happier and fuller lives.

For almost 25 years, CDO has been helping its members find connections and resources online and in person. The money raised in this 15-day event will be used to expand the services offered, allowing CDO to reach an even greater number of individuals, families and researchers.  Whether a diagnosis is received prenatally or when a patient is an adult, CDO will always be there to help.  

Join us for 1 in 150 days of giving so that CDO can give back. Share with friends and family... it's only 15 days and fifteen hundred dollars.  Together, we can do it.