Humane Society (Benton Harbor, MI) provides RELIEF to TEXAS DOGS

Benefiting Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan

Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan
Helping With Hurricane Harvey Relief
September 8, 2017, Benton Harbor, Michigan – The Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan is helping with Hurricane Harvey relief by taking in scores of homeless dogs from the State of Texas.
Texas animal shelters are soon to be overrun by cats and dogs that have lost their homes to Hurricane Harvey. In anticipation, several Texas animal shelters have asked the Humane Society to help by accepting some of the homeless dogs already living in those shelters. The Humane Society has opened its doors to this plea and will accept as many refugee dogs as space allows.
Volunteer pilots with Pilots N Paws will be flying the homeless dogs from Texas to Michigan where the Humane Society is partnering with Noah Project Muskegon to welcome these dogs and to find them forever homes. The first batch of six homeless Texas dogs arrived Wednesday, September 6th. More are on the way, and the Humane Society is on stand-by waiting for their arrival.
“Although our primary focus is always the health and welfare of homeless cats and dogs in Southwest Michigan, we must also help on a national level when emergencies arise”, stated Executive Director Jill Svoboda. “The devastation from Hurricane Harvey in Texas is overwhelming, and the Humane Society will help Texas animal shelters respond to the crisis”. The Humane Society is accepting homeless dogs that were already in Texas animal shelters prior to the storm; it is not taking dogs that became lost due to Hurricane Harvey and whose owners may be looking for them.
The Humane Society shelter is located at 641 S. Crystal Ave in Benton Harbor. It became a NO-KILL facility in 2008. Its mission is to provide food, shelter and medical care for the homeless, abused and unwanted cats and dogs in southwest Michigan. It provides medical exams, standard vaccinations, and routine blood tests for every animal. The dedicated and compassionate staff and volunteers pride themselves in finding “forever homes” for all of the adoptable pets. When selecting “forever homes,”
the staff is diligent in searching for the best suitable home for each animal through the adoption application process.
“Our current shelter is small, with limited capacity, but we will do our part to help the people and animals in Texas”, stated Don Blackmond, president of the board of directors. Blackmond noted that, “right now the Humane Society is building a new, modern shelter at 5400 M-139 in St. Joseph, Michigan. The new shelter is almost three times the size of the existing shelter, and will double animal capacity. If it were completed and operational now, we could do more to help the homeless
animal crisis in Texas.“
The Humane Society receives no financial support from taxes, dog license revenue, government agencies, or national humane organizations. It relies solely on private donations to pay operating expenses.
THE HUMANE SOCIETY NEEDS YOUR HELP! Please consider donating money or supplies to help care for the homeless Texas dogs. YOU can make a difference by donating MONEY, DRY DOG FOOD, CANNED DOG FOOD, TREATS, BLEACH, LAUNDRY SOAP, TRASH BAGS, PAPER TOWELS, etc.  You can donate now by clicking the donate button on this page or visit or stop by the shelter to find out how you can support the Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan.


Contact for Further Information:
Humane Society of Southwestern Michigan
Don Blackmond, Board President
Jill Svoboda, Executive Director
641 S. Crystal Avenue, Benton Harbor, 49022
(269) 927-3303