Operation Exchange Club

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Benefiting 1MATTERS ORG

The National Exchange Club and Veterans Matter Declare a State of Urgency and Partner to End Veteran Homelessness Nationwide

The National Exchange Clubs are uniting with Veterans Matter, an innovative program that has a 100% success rate housing veterans in a long-term supportive housing program with a stated 91% success rate keeping them there. This frees up other funding which is then used to prevent another veteran or veteran family from landing on the streets.

The Exchange Clubs have promoted Americanism – pride in country, respect for the flag, and appreciation of our American freedoms – since shortly after World War I. That value combined with the Club’s strong history of community service means the partnerships with Veterans Matter is a natural extension of the organization’s commitment to our country.

The Exchange Clubs will begin now to raise funds to house homeless veterans in their community, region, and nation. Efforts will culminate with simultaneous walks and rallies on Veterans Day at 7:00 pm. The Exchange Clubs will serve as the rally point for all groups caring about veterans in their community.

This is a "State of Urgency" because there are veterans currently waiting to get housed. Each club should use this page to create a club team and have their members register under the club team. You can begin raising money immediately. Our founder, Ken Leslie, will be speaking at the National Convention and will recognize the top 5 early fundraising clubs with a plaque at the National Convention.

A home is the first step to rebuilding one’s life. Your efforts will provide a home for the heroes in your community, region and nation. Veterans Matter: We take care of our own.

About Veterans Matter

Partnering with the VA and the HUD-VASH program, Veterans Matter eliminates the last barrier preventing homeless veterans from becoming housed in long-term supportive housing – the security deposit – which Veterans Matter pays directly to the landlord via a secure online system scalable to every funded community. Referrals come exclusively from VA staff when the veteran has identified housing and is ready and able to sign the lease. Referrals are approved online within minutes. Because the program is supported by over 20 celebrities including Gary Sinise, Kid Rock, Ice-T, Katy Perry, Susan Sarandon, and others who all raise funds or awareness for the program, many landlords allow the heroes into the housing immediately.

Started in Toledo, Ohio in 2012 by Ken Leslie, himself formerly homeless, to house 35 local veterans, the program has gone viral housing more than 1,200 veterans in 11 states. The program’s effectiveness earned Leslie an invitation to participate in the White House Summit to End Veteran Homelessness this past summer.

“We all enjoy our freedom thanks to veterans, and homelessness for any veteran is flat-out unacceptable,” said Leslie. “We believe no soldier should be left behind. By working together to end veteran homelessness, we have the opportunity to let these men, women and children know they matter.”

You can start right now. This is America. We care.