Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service



Most organizations spend a new CEO’s early days helping ease them into the role and touting the benefits of the position. Nothing could be further from the truth for Peoria Friendship House’s new CEO Robert Montgomery, who will be starting his tenure living on the roof of the Peoria Friendship House until $300,000 is raised.


Peoria Friendship House provides critical services to families living in poverty in Peoria, but were struggling to even make payroll right now, Peoria Friendship House Board President Joe Novotny shared. As the board discussed potential actions wed need to take, Robert jumped in with the idea for himis to live on the roof of the Peoria Friendship  House until we met the initial $300,000(amount) fundraising goal.


The Peoria Friendship House has had several unplanned expenses, including a new air conditioning system for their facility, which serves as a cooling center on Madiso Avenue, and is at a critical point financially to continue to provide essential services to the community. Any donations raised as part of the effort will benefit the A.C.E.S. program that lies at the heart of the PFH organization and shifts the focus from one time support to supporting people in self-sufficiency through advocacy, coaching, education and support. Each $1,000 donated to PFH can have the following impacts:

  • $1,000 covers 3-months of transportation for our Friendship House Academy that picks up participating youth from 9 different area schools.

  • $1,000 covers the fees and transportation for our youth education First Lego Robotics League competition, teaching inner city youth science and math through Lego robotics

  • $1,000 will pay for one week of financial literacy counseling and education for a family enrolled in our Financial Opportunity Center

  • $1,000 will provide 400 households with fresh vegetables from our community garden during our Friday Night Take Out food pantry

  • $1,000 will help provide four homeless families in Peoria necessary assistance to find and obtain permanent housing

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