Spirit of Soccer primary aim is to reduce child casualties caused by landmines and ERW (Explosive Remnants of War). Spirit of Soccer achieves this by delivering Mine Risk Education (MRE) through Football (Soccer) Clinics to children living in densely mined areas of the world. Spirit of Soccer, by expanding on the extensive experience and contacts of its Founder and Director - Scotty Lee, has developed and implemented Mine Awareness Programs in the war-torn areas of the world since 1997. Future programmes will be modeled upon previous successful methodologies and activities. Enhancements specific to the areas of implementation will be tailored as needed. Spirit of Soccer works alongside De-mining Organizations, International Peacekeeping Forces,the Humanitarian Community and other Charitable Organizations complementing the existing MRE programmes of NGOs. Spirit of Soccer's ERW/MRE program is unique in it's approach, utilizing Football(Soccer) to deliver it's message. It's programmes are focussed at those most directly at risk; primarily youths (boys and girls) aged 8-16, living in close proximity to these destructive debris of war. Spirit of Soccer has played an integral role in achieving a safer community and future for the children taking part in their clinics.

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