The Art for Life Foundation has been bringing art programs to sick children since 1998. Art for Life believes that art and the creative process is healing. Through art, children can express themselves and in doing so find healing physically, emotionally and mentally. The Art for Life Foundations programs exist so that art and children can work together, create together and heal together. Visit our website for the most up to date information on our programs. Thank you. Art for Life has 23 programs located in 8 states nationwide from Hawaii to Rhode Island and in Washington, DC. We help over 20,000 sick children each year find healing through creating art. And our numbers are growing! Our programs are found in hospitals - the ER, waiting areas, a schoolroom and bedside; a cardiac/lung/kidney center;hospice/respite care - both during active care with the kids and families and after a child passes through our memorial program; a cancer support group- kids in treatment, in remission and their siblings and a Juvenile partnership with a Victim /Witness Assistance program. Now including Hospice Bereavement support for kids/teens and their surviving parent(s).For information on all of our programs, please visit our website at for details. Thank you! We are also featured in the book: Transforming the Healthcare Experience Through the Arts published in 2009.

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