Solar Richmond's Fall Forward Move-a-thon

Monday, October 01, 2012


Join Us for Solar Richmond's Fall Forward MOVE-A-THON!

Let's celebrate a change in our community (along with the change in seasons) by getting out there and MOVING together!  Our goal is to get as many supporters as possible on our team, all moving in the right direction…FORWARD!

From now until November 21st (just in time for Thanksgiving), we invite you to join us in taking action.  By pledging to walk, dance, bike, swim, stretch, or surf…whatever movement you choose, you can join us in moving forward, and advocating for our community's health.

Move to support your community. Move to inspire others into action. Be the MOVEMENT you want to see in the world - but feel free to move at your own pace.


JOIN US TODAY with three simple steps & generate support in minutes:

STEP 1: Click Join Now (above)! (when selecting a "team," scroll to bottom and click "continue")

STEP 2: Commit to a pledge & Create your page

STEP 3: Share Your Page via email or social media to generate support for Solar Richmond

After completing these three steps, CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME to the Solar Richmond Team!  Come the end of Novemeber, we will invite you to an event to celebrate our success together!


If you are unable to participate in the Move-a-thon, not to worry! There are other ways you can help create motion!  You can share this event with your community, “like” us on Facebook, and make a donation to Solar Richmond.

Thank you, and HAPPY MOVING!

If you have any questions, or need support in customizing your page, please feel free to contact us.

Alex Thibadeau
Volunteer Coordinator