24 Hour Endurance Challenge

Saturday, January 21, 2017



How far can you go? It's a question that we challenge each person to ask themselves for our 24 Hour Challenge event for multiple sclerosis fundraising! A t-shirt is included with your registration!

What is the 24 Hour Challenge?

  • To stay active for 24-hours as an individual OR as a team!

Where: At designated team locations OR on your own.

Why: Fundraising event for the help CURE MS!

How to participate:

  1. Register
  2. Share with friends & family your 24 Hour Challenge goal!
  3. Connect with the non-profit about your participation at www.facebook.com/msruntheus
  4. On January 21st, on your own or with a team in your area, stay active for 24 hrs!

*Triathlon participants* A t-shirt is included in your registration. You will be contacted via email with more information after registration.


This is a casual event...there are no official winners for longest distance traveled in the 24-hours UNLESS indicated by the host of the individually designated location.  The rules are simple: participate in the event to help fuel good for the MS cause.  If you leave before the 24-hours or decide just to donate, you are not disqualified.