Wisconsin Trail Assail - Run S'more 24 Relay

Saturday, June 23, 2018


MS Run the US is dedicated to raising awareness and funds to support multiple sclerosis (MS) research, while also supporting those living with disability due to MS. Our most notable running event is an annual 3,100-mile relay run across America! In other words, we do epic shit to inspire donations to end MS and we're excited that you are joining us in this mission!

For more details on our run across America, or about the organization in general, visit our website at www.msruntheus.org.

If you have found yourself here that likely means you are interested in fundraising for our organization at the Wisconsin Trail Assail - Run S'more 24 Hour Relay Race. That, or you're lost while browsing the Internet.  Either way, we're glad you're here! Follow the fundraising registration process and we'll be in touch about how we can work together to END MS!

For specific Run S'more 24 Relay Race details go here: http://silvercirclesportsevents.com/run-smore-24