My Journey with IBC - Ashleigh Range


UpdateWith heavy heart, we share the official announcement that on July 19, 2015 at 8 AM. Ashleigh Royalty Range as passed away from Triple Negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer.  In her honor, we will carry out her wishes to fund research. 


Our dear friend Ashleigh Royalty Range has inspired and moved us with her story since she was diagnosed with triple negative inflammatory breast cancer one year ago, at age 29 while pregnant with her second child.

Ashleigh loves her family, God, and dressing up! She has a dream to have a HUGE gala and have all her friends come dressed to the nines to celebrate life. She also has a dream to raise $100,000 for Triple-Negative Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research.  Her health is presently delicate, and she is worried she will not be able to attend the gala event August 13, 2015.  So to honor her, her family and the inspiration she has given us over the last year, we wish to support her dream via this virtual event. Details for the live gala event are here.  Donations from that event will be added to this goal.  If you wish to donate in the meantime please do so. It is Ashleigh's wish that 100% of the funds raised here and at the live gala event go to fund a research endowment which will fund Triple-Negative, Inflammatory, and Metastatic Breast Cancer research projects for years to come.

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Please read Ashleigh's blog

Also please read her post on research funding and you will understand why we call this rare cancer "orphaned"

You might remember that with your help, Ashleigh has recently raised some funds from a matching campaign at the end of last year.  This amount has been credited to her overall goal of $100,000.  There was also a   T-shirt Fundraiser that was rolled in to this total now that it is completed.  Thank you to all her early supporters.