Sting Soccer Foundation 24 Hour Soccer Marathon

Sunday, February 11, 2018


Sting Soccer Foundation 1st Annual 24 Hour Soccer Marathon

The 24 Hour Soccer Marathon is designed to raise funds for the Sting Soccer Foundation and Financial Aid Program.  

In the past 2 years the Sting Soccer Foundation has awarded $430,000 in financial aid to 276 families so that they are able to participate in youth soccer.   

There are still many families waiting for financial assistance and the need is great.  Please help us raise additional funds to allow these young players the opportunity to play the game we all love.  Our collective fundraising goal is $200,000 and all funds generated will be earmarked exclusively for player scholarships


What? Each player will have a $200 fundraising goal.  

When? February 11th, 3:30-7:30pm

Where? Real Soccer Center

The Great News? Use it as a Fundraiser for your Soccer Expenses!!

 During the marathon event, Sting Soccer Club will play soccer continuously for 24 hours, with each Sting and Titans team participating for a 45 minute time slot in a 24-hour-period. 

Individual Funds Raised

Funds Designation

$0 - $200

Funds go to the Sting Soccer Foundation for the Scholarship Fund.

$201 - $1200

Funds generated go to the Players Club Dues, or if club dues are paid in full, funds generated will be deposited into the team bank account for that player to be used for soccer expenses for that player.

$1201 or greater

Any funds raised are split 50/50 between the Sting Soccer Foundation and the Player.


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