For the Love of Haiti


No More Drive-By Charity in Haiti

​Color of Hope launches For the love of Haiti Campaign 

A campaign to individuals who deeply care about people and the future of Haiti and are interested in raising funds to support and improve education as a way of creating a better future. 
Starting your own individual page will allow you a space to share your love for Haiti and your reasons for loving Haiti. Additionally, you provide a memorable, year round place for your friends and family to join  and support the fight against illiteracy, poverty and hopelessness in Haiti. 
 In a way, you are being part of history. 
If it's not you, then who? If it's not now, when? Make a contribution now or click on fundraise to join the campaign and help provide quality education programs, access to technology and more to the Haiti You Love.  

I am loving Haiti by raising support:
To provide books to children & youth in Haiti
To help produce educational materials in Creole
To provide access to technology to youth and communities
To sponsor a mini library for a community in Haiti
To provide training for teachers and schools
To provide access to modern day tools to communities. 
To help raise awareness about issues such as Restavek in Haiti
To provide support/school supplies to students, teachers and schools
To provide preventive health education programs/services
To provide initiatives geared towards improving the mindset. 
For more information email us at or call 561-877-1264