GCRTL is no longer processing donations with First Giving. To donote to GCRTL, please visit our giving page on our website.


Special Note: For several years, we have maintained a relationship with First Giving, an entity which provided a secure platform to process donations and to organize events. On November 13, we were informed - without any prior notice - that First Giving would be changing how it processes donations, effectively running them through a donor advised fund held by another group. We have looked into the group it will be working with, and we have serious concerns that some of the groups it actively advances are not in line with our mission. Because the group will not provide us with information related to mission sensitive concerns OR how it will  handle our donors' private information, we strongly encourage you to give directly  to our website.

Because this change was made so hastily and within days of the biggest giving time of the year, we apologize if a link on our website or an old email inadvertantly directed you to this page. 

Don't get us wrong - working with a donor advised fund can be a great way to give, and we are thankful for those who give to us via the local funds like the Catholic Foundation, the Stewardship Foundation, or the Columbus Foundation. However, we don't think that this change exhibits the trust and transparency that our donors deserve. For that reason, while we work to identify a new giving platform that can meet our donor and event needs, we will provide several options for you to give to Greater Columbus Right to Life by visiting our donation page.