Derrick Furlow Jr. Dancing for the Horses 2017


Derrick 2nd Dancing Rehearsal

Derrick Furlow is a VFL who played football at the University of Tennessee from 2005-2009. While doing so he graduated in 3 years with his bachelors and completed his 4th year with his masters. He is an entrepreneur and a full time Motivational Speaker and Arthur of the Book and Curriculum (Sports Life Business) "Where they all come together". Where he teaches athletes how to take the lessons they learn from sports and apply them in life and business. While the curriculum focuses on helping athletes transition after they are done with sports. He is the authorized dealer of hope for his community. Currently and actively working with non profits through out the community such as The Scarecrow Foundation, 100 Black Men, YOKE, The Love Kitchen, 2nd Harvest, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Friends of Literacy, and others.