Alpine Humane Society Friend Raising


Alpine Humane Society is a nonprofit 501(c) serving Brewster County, Texas. This year, we will spend more than $75,000 on veterinary expenses, including spay/neuter, vaccinations, and other medical needs. We count on the support of people like YOU and now we've made it easier than ever for you to donate and hold your own fundraisers for AHS! 

From July 2016 - Oct 2017, AHS has transported 114 homeless pets from Brewster County to partner-rescues and adopters. Every transported animal has been adopted! 

This resulted in eliminating euthanasia at the Alpine Animal Shelter during that period and reducing the average length of stay for shelter dogs from 90+ days to less than 30 days. 

Our commitment to humane and safe travel, new state regulations for transport, and the burden of putting thousands of miles on personal vehicles has created our need for a large cargo-style transport van to continue our transport program. 

With an appropriate transport van, we could expand our program to include cats, increasingly collaborate with breed-based rescue organizations, facilitate more adoptions outside our exceptionally rural and remote community and more effectively promote our spay/neuter assistance program. 


Please help us raise much-needed funds to assist Brewster County companion animals by making a donation or raising funds for AHS.