Monday, January 21, 2013


Amman Imman invites schools, groups and individuals to help bring water and other humanitarian aid to Niger’s Azawak Valley by hosting an Amman-a-thon.

The Amman-a-thon is a fundraising event that unites fitness and philanthropy. Students gain athletic proficiency while raising awareness and funds to support sustainable sources of water in the Azawak Valley. Through their practice, they express their compassion and have a direct impact on the lives of children and families who suffer from water scarcity.

An Amman-a-thon can be tailored for different age groups. Younger students may choose activities like hopping on one leg, twirling a hula hoop, throwing bean bags, jumping rope, etc.  Older students might want to run laps, shoot baskets, or do sit-ups or push-ups.  The most effective Amman-a-thons are designed by students in partnership with their teachers.  

Students prepare by practicing and asking friends and family to sponsor them through pledges. On Amman-a-thon Day, working with a partner, they count the number of repetitions they can do in a given time.  Based on that number and their pledges, they collect contributions from their sponsors following the event.

To participate in an Amman-a-thon

1.   Schools and Groups: Register  as a team by clicking Join Now at the top of this page.  Join your team, or start a new one. 

       Individuals: Click Join Now and select your team.  You can also join as an individual and do your own personal Amman-a-thon. You'll be able to create a personal fundraising page where you can tell your story about why you want to help.

2.     Download an Amman-a-thon Planning Guide and also a Fundraising Kit.

3.     Choose your activities.

4.     Practice, practice, practice!

5.     Get sponsors and raise funds.

6.     Do your Amman-a-thon!

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Learn more about the Amma-a-thon by watching these videos:

In this video a teacher talks about how the Amman-a-thon empowers her students and builds community. 


Student show their skills in the Oneness-Family School Amman-a- thon.