Art Beyond Borders Ethiopia 2016


Thank you for visiting our project's fundraising page. In March we will be initiating a 6 year program in Mt. Entoto, Ethiopia, partnering with NPO Connected in Hope Foundation, Inc. 

In 2015 we finished our very successful six-year program with Fatima School in Costa Rica. They are now fully sustainable and are creating bigger and better change thanks to our faithful commitment. Now it's time to move onto the next destination, while we keep on checking on Costa Rica of course! We are taking a team of [up to] six to the women and children of Mt. Entoto.

Mt. Entoto is located to the northeast of capital city, Addis Ababa and is densely forested with eucalyptus trees that were planted many years back. Women and young girls are employed to carry large amounts of firewood down the mountains on their backs and they make this trek multiple times daily. The health effects caused by this trek are heart wrenching and atop of that these women and children miss out on a much needed education that could alleviate them from this field of work. Connected in Hope Foundation provides these women with that education and job training while schooling their children. Drawchange, Art Beyond Borders has partnered with them to provide much needed healing and empowerment through the creative process of making art. Art Beyond Borders empowers the youth to break the cycle of poverty and to bring moments of smiles and laughter while they continue to uplift their own community. We will be bringing large amounts of varied art supplies so that the children can continue to enjoy and express themselves while we are gone and while we are there we will show them creative ways to use them as;'['

well as educate the teachers with our curriculum. When we leave, we continue to send our curriculum to be used with the supplies we leave behind. 

100% of the funds raised goes straight to the program's success.

Says a two-time ABB volunteer, "As I have experienced the trips in Costa Rica, the days start early with a huge workload and then finish late in the day followed by a meeting to start planning the next day. I have the strength and will power to be an added asset and volunteer on these program trips and hope you will help send me along. These trips are outstandingly structured as this is the 7th year that Art Beyond Borders has been in effect and the creative force behind them is a brave and courageous woman that never loses sight of her focus, the children".

Thank you so much for your monetary assistance, no matter how big or small. The children and community deserve it. 


Jennie Lobato

Founder/CEO, drawchange, Art Beyond Borders Program Director