The Teen Philanthrophy Project


Some great teens want to make the world a better place….will you help them?

The Community Chest, a nonprofit based in Englewood, NJ, is starting a Teen Philanthropy Club. This club will provide teens with the opportunity to experience the true meaning of charitable giving. They will learn the skills of working as a team, event planning, running an effective fundraiser, and most importantly, the art of giving to others,  by allocating the funds raised to one or more non- profits of their choice.

“At The Community Chest our focus is to make life in our local communities better for all residents. We believe that everyone should to be able to live their best lives- free from hunger, hardship, and ignorance. We envision a future where people work together to address community issues. People of all ages can help and we welcome our generous teens who are motivated to serve their community.”  (Dr. Shelly Wimpfheimer, Executive Director of The Community Chest)

The cost of implementing The Teen Philanthropy Club is $5,000 per year.  The funds will be used for the program start up and for seed funds for the grants to be made.  The balance of the funds will be raised by the teens through a local fundraising event in the community. 

With your donation, our youth will be encouraged to participate in this club, knowing that there are people like you supporting their acts of caring for others. Please support our youth as they strive to make the world a better place.