Our supporters play a vital role in philanthropy at Norton Children's Hospital. In fact, these very generous people allow us to continue to offer the best care for the children in our region, regardless of their family's ability to pay. Because of the importance this group brings to the Children's Hospital Foundation, we refer to them as Champions for Kids. These advocates help to raise valuable funds and build awareness about Norton Children's Hospital. Your support and involvement, as well as the relationships within your network, will allow us to better serve the children and families of our community.

Become a champion for kids! 
Planning a community fundraiser is fun and exciting! You have the opportunity to become a hero to many children and their families, and raise funds for Norton Children's Hospital. 

You can make a donation or make your own fundraising page to share with friends and family!

It only takes a few minutes to create your Online Fundraising Page:

  1. Click the Fundraise button
  2. Personalize the text and the photo on your Online Fundraising Page to express your passions and your purpose. Jazz it up with pictures to encourage people to give to the cause you are so passionate about, helping kids!
  3. Send the link out to your friends, family, colleagues - anyone you think will help you reach your goal.

Contact the Children's Hosptial Foundation for any questions: 502.629.8060