Manly Miss America Allstars and More

Saturday, November 11, 2017



Join us on November 11th as "Manly Men" compete to be crowned P.A.L.S. Manly Miss America Allstar.  This is not your typical Drag Show.  This is men raising money for P.A.L.S. and putting on wigs and make up along the way.

All About P.A.L.S.

“It is the mission of Pets Are Loving Support , Inc. to provide ongoing care and support to pets of Atlanta area persons living with critical illnesses, disabilities and the elderly.  With this help, pets and owners may remain together to share the healing power of love and companionship which flows from the human-animal bond.”

Pets Are Loving Support (P.A.L.S.) was founders in 1990 by two Atlanta business- women, Dr. Susan Wynn, a veterinarian, and Dr. Margaret Schulte, an educator, who met while doing volunteer work for Project Open Hand.  Not only did they have a common interest in working with HIV/AIDS patients, but also they were animal lovers.  One day another volunteer mentioned that there was a person with HIV/AIDS who was living alone with his best friend, a cat.  He was sharing his one meal a day with his cat and foregoing some of his medications in order to pay for vet care for his pet.  Dr. Wynne and Schulte were very touched by the fact that this individual was risking his own health for the health of his best friend, the cat.  They immediately realized that the human-animal bond was extremely important to persons living with HIV/AIDS.  So many lose the support and contact of family and friends, not to mention their financial independence, jobs, homes and savings.  This was an area in the life of persons living with HIV/AIDS that needed to be addressed.  So, they began collecting pet food.  From this humble beginning started P.A.L.S.

P.A.L.S. currently assists over 150 animals with the help of countless volunteers.  Since its beginning, P.A.L.S. has expanded its service base to include those with critical illnesses, disabilities and the elderly.  P.A.L.S. is committed to keeping companion animals with their owners by providing free pet food and by paying for basic veterinary care.