The Campaign For The Tyler Blain House

Tuesday, June 04, 2013


Help Save The Tyler Blain House

Save Our House: The Campaign For The Blain House



What Is The Blain House?

The Tyler Blain House is a homeless shelter located in Lancaster, NH providing emergency housing for up to 8 individuals at a time. The Blain House is the only homeless sheleter in Coos County and only one of two shelters in the three northern most counties of New Hampshire. 

What We Do!

The Tyler Blain house provides a safe place to stay while a person works on their plan of action to regain housing.   The Blain House serves not as a temporary bandaid but as tool to help those in need achieve financial sustainability. For more information on the Tyler Blain House and the remarkable man who gave the house its name visit our legacy page.

Why Does The Blain House Need Saving?

After sheltering over 2,700 people, the house is beging to show signs of age. The house, originally built in 1920 and modified in the late 1950s needs a lot of tender loving care. The house is literally sinking into the ground. Upgrades to the physical stucture and heating system would allow the mission of the Blain House to continue for many years to come.

What We Need To Do To Save Our House

Proactively repair the foundation to prevent further structural damage to the house.

Energy efficiency upgrades including new windows and solar hot water heater.

Replace exterior with long lasting ecofriendly materials.

The total cost to complete these renovations will be around $100,000. 

How You Can Help!

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