AIDS Walk New Haven

Welcome to the AIDS Walk New Haven Fundraising and Registration site! 
Your support is greatly appreciated.

AIDS Walk New Haven is a 501(c)3 non-profit 100%-volunteer organization that provides funds to local organizations that support the HIV/AIDS community in the greater New Haven area.  These organizations provide patient services, preventative medicine, education, housing, and a strong commitment to reducing and eliminating the local HIV/AIDS epidemic in our own backyard. 

Our goals are

  1. to raise money
  2. increase public awareness,
  3. promote prevention through advocacy, and
  4. unite the Yale-New Haven community against stigma, apathy and infection.


Every business, school, and individual that participates in and contributes to the AIDS Walk will be actively helping more children and adults understand the importance of HIV education, prevention, and treatment in the greater New Haven area.

Every dollar you contribute goes directly to providing support for a disease that plagues the world and demands social action in prevention, advocacy, and services. We keep our costs to the bare minimum and therefore rely on your support for success. Please tell your friends, your co-workers, and family members to come support all those infected and affected by this disease. 

Again, thank you for your support!