2017 WALKS

Join us for a day of compassionate action, practice and friendship, providing basic needs for hundreds of people around the world! 

Although sometimes we feel that we cannot make a difference amid so much suffering, by joining forces with others in a simple walk we are taking small steps to help those in need of food, education, and technical assistance to improve their lot in life.


San Jose CA, September 16

Willington CT, September 24

Milford MI, September 30

San Francisco CA, September 30

Seattle WA, September 30

Portland ME, September 30

Philadelphia PA, October 7 

Portland OR, October 21

St. Louis MO, October 22

New York NY, October 28

Houston TX, November 4

Los Angeles CA, TBA


Find a Walk near you to join, or donate to the Walk of your choice. On behalf of our project beneficiaries, we thank you for your support! 


"May I be a good doctor for those who suffer from illness,

A guide for those who have gone astray,

A lamp for those who dwell in darkness,

A source of treasure for those in poverty and need."

Vows of Samantabhadra from the Avatamsaka Sutra

Play Bhikkhu Bodhi's Message for the 2015 Walks to Feed the Hungry