Please consider supporting the FLITE Center.

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What is FLITE?


Since its opening in 2009, FLITE has provided Broward County youths aging out of foster care with all their county and state resources in one location as well as supplementing them with services provided nowhere else.

Each year hundreds of youths age out of the foster care system, leaving them on their own with no family and no support system. To a foster youth this often means homelessness, no high school diploma and no future job prospects.


Why FLITE needs your donation? FLITE assists youths in transitioning into independent, self-sufficient adults with the skills to maximize their potential. Among other services, FLITE provides the foster youth with a dedicated staff who assist them in:


  • Education Coordination - GED-prep and testing, college and post-secondary school applications and the financial aid process.
  • Employment Coordination - Job placement assistance and job readiness training within the local community.
  • Housing Coordination - Liaison between landlords and youth to safe and affordable housing.
  • Red Tape Navigation - The FLITE center never forgets its core function as an advocate on behalf of the transitioning foster youth with local and state agencies many who are housed on-site.


The annual cost of serving a youth at the FLITE center is just $400. Your generous tax deductible donation will help FLITE assist deserving individuals as well as create a better Broward County.