The Falmouth Military Support Group is a non-profit 501(c) ( 3) organization staffed and managed entirely by a small group of volunteers. We were founded in 2003 and organized exclusively for charitable purposes. It has been the Falmouth Military Support Group’s mission to provide moral and physical support to our areas OIF/OEF troops serving abroad and also when they return home. With the end of the combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in sight, it is fitting that the mission of the FMSGrp be modified and redefined: Our Mission to support our local troops deployed during these engagements will be modified to support local troops and their families who have returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. This will include assistance in connecting with Veterans services as well as assistance with their continuing education through an annual scholarship fund. The FMSGrp will continue to honor Veterans and offer support by providing resources for OIF/OEF individuals and their families to address the needs of our returning Veterans and their reintegration back into family life and our community. We will continue our visibility to serve veterans and their families through our representation on the Falmouth Veterans Council, Cape Cod Military, Veteran and Family Collaborative, and other organizations and events that support Veterans.

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