During the holidays we will provide approximately 1,800 Franklin families with a holiday package. Rather than serve one meal, our clients can stretch their holiday package to enjoy the "leftovers" just like we do. 

Because of our relationship with food purveyors and our partnership in NJ's largest food co-op, we can stretch your donated dollars to almost 15 times. That helps a lot of our neighbors in need.

With our special "Virtual Holiday Food Drive" you can choose what you'd like to donate. It's so much easier than the traditional food drive; just sit in front of your computer and make your selection. You can donate as much and as often as you'd like because all of your donation goes directly into feeding Franklin families in need. 

Won't you please make a donation to make sure none of your neighbors have to look at an empty plate this holiday season?

Double Your Donation:  Don't forget your Matching Gifts!