Big Gay Prom 2012: Born This Way!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


"Big Gay Prom is way better than my school's prom!  I can really be myself at Big Gay Prom."

- 2011 Big Gay Prom attendee

Do you remember your high school prom?  Many adults have fond memories of formal dresses and tuxes, dancing, fancy hotels and friends.  Others recall first love and the beauty of high school romances.  But for some, prom can be bittersweet. 

For lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth, prom be a battleground.  While students legally must be permitted to bring a same-sex date to prom and wear gender-non conforming attire, schools do not always make this easy, let alone a foundation for a fun and memorable night.  LGBT students can face controversy from administration, peers and their community.  It can be overwhelming and emotional, leading some students to forgo prom completely.

At the Gay Alliance Youth Program, we are committed to providing LGBT students and allies the opportunity to attend prom without fear, anxiety, or physical harm.  Since 2005, the Big Gay Prom has allowed all students to celebrate young love and friendship, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.  The event has grown substantially from the 100 attendees in 2005.  Last Spring, the 2011 Big Gay Prom saw 295 students from 56 different schools and 7 separate counties.  Gay Alliance staff, board members, and volunteers brought their own partners to chaperon and give LGBT youth the opportunity to see LGBT adults in healthy and happy same-sex relationships. 

This amazing event exists because of YOU.  Without caring adults and financial donors, the Big Gay Prom could not be the awesome experience it is.  Throwing a prom is expensive and our agency is committed to keeping the event financially accessible to youth.  At a $10 suggested donation, youth are better able to attend (and no youth is turned away for not being able to pay). 

The 2012 Big Gay Prom needs YOUR help!  The estimated cost of prom is itemized below:

1. Room rental and catering from hotel.... approximately $2500

2. Decorations... $200

3. Advertising... $100

4. After Prom Party food & decorations... $200

This is substantial increase in our fundraising goal from last year.  But with increased attendance comes increased cost.  And we expect the 2012 Big Gay Prom to topple attendance records! For more information on the Big Gay Prom and programs of the Gay Alliance, call us at 585-244-8640 or vist our website at!

Any donation brings us closer to our goal of giving LGBT Youth a night to remember. 

Thank you for giving!