Gills for Gilda's-2011

Friday, June 24, 2011


Support Gills for Gilda-4th Annual Lake Mendota Crossing-Ultra Swim-Supporting Gilda's Club Madison

Thank you for visiting our fundraising page. Whether you are a swimmer, kayaker, volunteer, or are a friend or family member of an athlete or paddler, your tireless work has made the dream of a six-mile group ultra swim into a reality. But we can do more...

This year our fundraising goal is to raise $2,500 for Gilda's Club. When we do the Lake Crossing we stick together. We watch out for each other. We listen to one another and support everyone in the group. This type of support is the essence of what Gilda's Club members receive throughout the year, all for no cost. Gilda's Club is a unique place, where those whose lives have been upended by cancer can seek a listening ear. Where men, women, children, spouses and partners don’t have to be strong, or optimistic, or brave – they only need be themselves, with whatever emotions may be on their plate. It’s a place where those touched by cancer can join a support group, attend a yoga class, or hear a comedy show to tap into the healing power of laughter. It’s a place where a spouse or partner can get much-needed emotional respite. A place where kids affected by cancer can meet each other to share, learn, and find support.

 Thank you for your support!