10th Annual Fundraiser - Technology for the Future!


Dear Parents, Families and Friends:

Hawthorne Foundation Development Corporation is conducting its 11th Annual Online Fundraising Drive for Hawthorne Foundation Inc. We hope that you will participate. We want you to be part of our TEAM.

As you know the economy has made it difficult to raise money to Help Hawthorne Grow, so we need your help now more than before. This year, we are raising funds to upgrade our educational technology. The digital age is now well into its third decade, and with so many of our current crop of educators being so tech-savvy, there has never been a better time to build a system of tools that will help the people we serve to communicate better, to learn more effectively and to experience the world with a fresh set of eyes.

We have already begun taking steps to improve our educational technology, but far too many of our computers are antiquated, and we still lack the specialized software that empowers people with disabilities. A few of our programs have a Smartboard and creative staff members who have worked wonders to bring an exciting and dynamic element to the students and adults we serve. It is enough to convince us that this is the future. Help us get there and make this online fundraiser effort a great success.

Hawthorne Foundation Inc. is serving many more children and adults that need the support and education that our agency is expert in providing.

To participate go to www.firstgiving.com on the search bar type in Hawthorne Foundation Development Corporation and once you are on our page select “Donate” located on the far right to make your contribution.

You can also create your own personal fundraiser page for Hawthorne Foundation Inc. by clicking on the "Fundraise" button on the right. Invite your friends and family members to donate to your page. We know that you can write a wonderful story of how Hawthorne Foundation Inc. has helped your child and family. Almost every family of a child or adult attending any of our programs has a great story for us. Do this and then send it to your family and friends, you will be surprised at how many of your family and friends will be happy to help Hawthorne Foundation Inc.

Be part of our TEAM. Together we are trying to provide the extra supports our organization needs to grow stronger each day. Be a part of this. PLEASE HELP.

Remember: Go to www.firstgiving.com/HFDC/10th-annual-fundraiser type in Hawthorne Foundation Development Corporation and click on DONATE or SET UP YOUR OWN PAGE and GET OTHERS TO CONTRIBUTE. If you prefer to mail your donation by check rather than online, checks may be written out to:

Hawthorne Foundation Development Corporation

Attn: Firstgiving

5 Bradhurst Avenue

Hawthorne, NY 10532

Thank you for your support.

Eileen M. Bisordi

Executive Director