LBD Awareness Movement

Saturday, October 01, 2011


 The LBD Awareness Movement is a national, grass roots effort to increase LBD awareness in the general public and medical profession. Last year LBDA launched our LBD Awareness Movement, to encourage LBD families to raise awareness in their local communities.

The month of October will truly be A Month To Remember, as LBD families and friends come together to raise awareness and support across the country. Together we CAN make LBD a household word and build hope for the millions of people who care about someone with LBD.

We have prepared a special FirstGiving donation page especially for LBD Awareness Month, where you can post a public message with your donation so that everyone can see how important this public awareness movement is to your family.

Together, your donations strengthen LBDA's ability to shine a ray of hope for LBD families, so that one day, Robert's family does not have to face LBD without a clear diagnosis, Sue's family will receive a solid understanding of the challenges ahead of them, and Paul can have unfettered access to physicians knowledgeable about the disease.