About The Mediation Center

The Mediation Center of Dutchess County has been helping people, organizations and businesses resolve conflict for over 30 years. We help people have conversations so that they make decisions that improve their lives. We help parents in custody disputes, families decide the care of aging parents, businesses and customers in dispute over services, organizations and employees—just about anyone seeking mediation to resolve conflict.

We offer conflict resolution and communication training so that people learn listening and speaking skills that help them resolve conflict. We train volunteer mediators who give back to the community.

The Center’s Anti-Bullying Initiative engages the community to work together to end bullying by holding an annual Walkathon, teaching prevention and intervention skills in schools with the evidence based Olweus Bullying Prevention Program and holding an annual Youth Summit.


 The Mediation Center of Dutchess County will hold its 6th Annual Anti-Bullying Walkathon, Hands Against Bullying on the Walkway over the Hudson, Saturday April 22nd, to increase community awareness, education and action on bullying – an issue that affects more people than ever - perhaps even someone you know.

  Did you know:


  • It is estimated that one out of three children is bullied at school, in the neighborhood or online and that one out of three children bullies others. 
  • "Children and youth who bully are mostly loners", false.  Some research has found that bullies have large friend groups and often possess more leadership skills than those who are bullied.
  • There are many types of bullying.  It can include verbal comments, social exclusion or isolation, physical action, lies and rumors, having items taken or damaged, being threatened or forced to do something, comments or actions based on someone's race, sex, gender, religion, sexual orientation, social-economic status.  Bullying can happen via phone, text message or the Internet.
  • 70.6% of young people say they have witnessed bullying in their schools.
  • As many as 160,000 students stay away from school each day due to bullying.


The Anti-Bullying Initiative’s goal is to create a community committed to ending bullying.  That’s why we are surveying selected elementary and middle schools about bullying, providing whole school, evidence based programs in schools throughout the county, providing workshops and trainings to prevent bullying, providing resources and information and providing opportunities to engage youth and adults in this movement.  Will you join with us? 

To register for the walk: 

1.  Select the Event:  "Hands Against Bullying" (on your top right hand side).

2.  Select: Register

3.  Fundraise to help us end bullying:  Create a team, join a team or just do it solo!  Create your own page with your story of why you are walking to end bullying and share with your friends. 

Together we can end bullying!

Proceeds will support all aspects of the Center’s Anti-Bullying Initiative that includes expanding prevention and response resources to effectively address bullying in the Hudson Valley.

Play Be A Hero, An Anti-bullying Initiative