Feminist Women's Health Center Inc

Tax ID: 58-1273243
1924 Cliff Valley Way Ne
Atlanta GA 30329

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A message from Feminist Women's Health Center Inc

On behalf of our board, staff, volunteers, and those we serve, we extend our deepest appreciation for your gift to the Feminist Women’s Health Center of Atlanta.

We are sincerely grateful for your donation. It is because of your generosity that FWHC is able to provide comprehensive gynecological care to all of those who need it and to advocate for reproductive justice. Last year, Feminist provided health services to nearly 7,000 in our Cliff Valley Clinic, reached 325,000 people through our advocacy and outreach programs, and empowered more than 7,500 with training and education. None of this would be possible without your truly invaluable support!

If you have questions about Feminist’s programming or services, or if you need a mailed copy of your donation receipt, please do not hesitate to contact us at 404.248.5450 or

Until Justice,

The Team at Feminist Women's Health Center

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