New England Patriots Charitable Foundation Boston Marathon

Monday, April 15, 2013


New England Patriots Charitable Foundation

2013 Boston Marathon Team

Honoring volunteers in memory of Myra Kraft

The New England Patriots Charitable Foundation Marathon Team is proud to be running to raise funds for the Myra Kraft Community MVP Awards as well as additional Foundation programming. Year after year, this team stands out in their commitment and passion for running this race, achieving their personal goals while providing opportunities to honor volunteerism and giving back in memory of Myra Kraft. Please support this year’s team- and see you at the finish line!

Good luck runners!




About the Myra Kraft Community MVP Awards:
Each year, the Kraft family and the Patriots honor members of the New England community for their service to non-profit organizations around the region through the Community MVP Awards. In 2011, the Kraft family and Patriots Charitable Foundation announced the renaming of the award to the Myra Kraft Community MVP Award, in honor of Myra's life-long commitment to giving to others through volunteerism. Each year, Myra Kraft Community MVP winners are recognized for their leadership, dedication and a commitment to bettering their communities during a luncheon at Gillette Stadium with a donation made in their name to the non-profit organization for which they volunteer. Nominations traditionally open in the spring for 30 days.

Myra Kraft Community MVP Award Testimonial | By 2011 Grand Prize Winner: Nomi Kaim
"Living with Asperger Syndrome (AS) can feel like waging a continuous battle.  A battle against paralyzing anxiety.  Raw sensory overload and misunderstandings.  And the insidious sense of “I can’t,” “I will never,” and “Impossible.”

Joining the Aspergers Association of New England (AANE) exposed me to a whole new reality: a reality in which individuals with AS have genuine strengths and can contribute to society.  The staff of AANE encouraged me to share my experiences by volunteering and publishing articles, delivering lectures, and mentoring adolescents and adults with AS who were embarking on journeys similar to my own.  As I gave voice to my life story, I discovered how eager people were to hear it.  My sense of efficacy soared.

Winning the Grand Prize MVP Award from the New England Patriots Charitable Foundation was a resounding validation of the generosity of my entire community.  Just as AANE stepped forward to enrich my life with meaning and purpose, and then I stepped forward to share my voice – now the Kraft Family has stepped forward to recognize and fund our important work.  The $25,000 prize donation is enabling AANE to help many more people with AS achieve meaningful lives.  I am honored to be a link in this magnificent chain of giving."