Essex County Community Foundation & Reid Sacco

This Year’s Reid’s Ride Theme

  • This is the 14th year of Reid’s Ride, which means that since our inception another generation has become adolescents and young adults themselves.  So it is imperative that we continue our work to protect “the next generation” of AYAs from cancer.  Let’s not only imagine a cancer-free future for the current and next generations of AYAs, but let us, as Star Trek’s Captain Jean-Luc Picard would command, “Make It So!"

How to Register for Reid's Ride​ 

  • Go to the Reid's Ride Registration and Fundraising Page by clicking the red "Start Fundraising" button located at the upper right, or the event in the "Events" panel to the right.  That page has everything you need to Register for the event and to start fundraising to support the fight against Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer.
  • ​Tips on how to register, how to set up teams, how to set up fundraising pages, and other topics can be found in the "Resources" section in the lower right-hand panel.


Route and Route Map

  • The 28-mile route for Reid's Ride is challenging yet comfortable, taking cyclist along a varied route that includes quaint small-town roads and centers, hilly corn fields, busier town main streets, seaside roads passing by expansive estates, and ending up along the Cape Ann seashore. ​​​The Reid's Ride route has been mapped for you in Google Maps.  If clicking on does not open the Google Map window for Reid’s Ride, paste the URL into the address box of your favorite browser. ​You can also reach this map by clicking on "Reid's Ride Route Map" in the Resources panel to the right.


 Bike Rentals 

  • Urban AdvenTours will once again be renting bikes for Reid’s Ride, for a discounted fee.  This includes delivery of your rental to the starting line at Lynnfield High, and pick-up of your rental at the finish line at Stage Fort Park.
  • To rent a bike from Urban, you must call them directly (617-379-3590) and reserve a bike.  Quantities of rental bikes are limited, so call them early (before the end of June, to be safe).


Bike Tune-ups

  • Once again, Landry’s Bicycles has agreed to be a valued sponsor of Reid’s Ride, donating skilled bicycle technicians to help prepare your bike for the event and to field a chase team to assist cyclists who may have experienced bike problems along the route.
  • It is best to make sure your bike is in top working order, including properly inflated tires, before the event.  But if you plan on visiting the Landry’s tent at the starting line for last-minute adjustments, be sure to arrive at Lynnfield High School early; the line forms early.
  • ​Visit the Landry's Bicycles website to find out more about the products and services it offers.  A link to the website can be found in the "Resources" panel just to the right.


Post-Ride Transportation 

  • Some Reid's Ride cyclists bike on home after the event, many following the same route for a 56 mile round trip.  Many others take rides home with family or friends.
  • If you and/or your bike need transportation back to Lynnfield High School (LHS), provided to Reid's Ride by sponsors and volunteers:
    • Shuttle buses to LHS leave Stage Fort Park every 30 minutes or so from 10AM to 12:30PM.
    • Shuttle trailers for returning bikes to Lynnfield High School will be leaving Stage Fort Part every 45 minutes or so.  Be sure to leave your bike within the roped off area for returning bikes.
  • ​Urban AdvenTours will be at Stage Fort Park to collect rental bikes.  Be sure to drop your rental off with them when you reach the finish line.​​​ 


Parking at Stage Fort Park

  • Attendance at the event is high, so we encourage you to car pool if possible.
  • The Parking Lot at Stage Fort Park fills up quickly.  The normal fee to park in this lot will be charged upon exit.  
  • There is free parking at Gloucester High School, a short 10-minute walk from Stage Fort Park, over the drawbridge and down Leslie O' Johnson Road on your left.

How to support your favorite Riders or Teams with a donation

  • If you have received an email from a rider or team captain asking you for a donation, just click on the link in that email to take you to their personalized fundraising page and follow the instructions from there.
  • You also make a donation to a Rider or Team directly from the Reid’s Ride Registration Page.  On that page, hit the “Donate” button, and from there you will be able to select a registered Rider, or a Team, to which you can direct your donation. 
  • Your donation will appear on the Rider’s or Team’s Fundraising Page.  After making your donation, you will receive an acknowledgement. 
  • All donations made to Reid’s Ride are tax-deductible and are directed to the Reid R. Sacco AYA Cancer Fund, managed by the 501 c 3 organization Essex County Community Foundation


​Ride's Ride Cycling Jerseys

  • You can order an official Reid's Ride cycling jersey, manufactured by VOmax.  In the "Campaigns" panels to the right-hand side of this page, click on "Purchase Reid's Ride Cycling Jerseys."  There you will find more information about the jersey and how to order one. 


​How Do I Make or Edit My Fundraising Page?

  • ​​When you Register, you will be asked to create a FirstGiving account, or to sign in to an account you created in a previous year.  You'll also be sent an email confirming the creation of a Fundraising Page and its web link (URL).  Use the link to return to that Fundraising Page and sign in with your account's user name and password.  From there you can customize your message and add images and videos.  For more information, look for the "FirstGiving Basics" in the Reid's Ride Resource Library.  Team pages can only be edited and customized by a team's Captain.  If your Team Page does not have a Captain, email us at and we'll make you the captain. Once a Captain is assigned, an "edit" button will appear so that the Captain can edit the Team Page.


​About Reid’s Ride:  Its Inspiration, Mission, History and Achievements

  • Reid’s Ride is named after Reid Robert Sacco, a Lynnfield native who lost his courageous two-year battle with a rare cancer predominantly found in adolescents and young adults.  He was only 20 years old.  During his battle, he and his family learned that survival rates for Adolescents and Young Adults (AYAs) diagnosed with cancer were many times worse than for children and for older adults.  Additionally, there were no programs or clinical care specifically designed to address the unique needs and medical requirements of this age-group of cancer patients.
  • The establishment of Reid’s Ride, something he wished for just before he died, has begun to “alter the course of AYA Cancers," by launching and supporting innovative and leading-edge AYA Cancer Programs and Clinics, under the guidance of some of the most talented and committed oncologists in the country.
  • For more details about Reid's Ride, and about what Reid's Ride and the Reid R. Sacco AYA Cancer Alliance have accomplished, visit the website at  From there you can visit our Program websites at Tufts Medical Center and Connecticut Childrens Medical Center, and learn more about the volunteers and events that make all of this possible.


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