2018 Reid's Ride 28-Mile Bike Ride to Fight Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) Cancer

Sunday, July 15, 2018


The 14th Annual Reid's Ride

Sunday Morning, July 15, 2018


Registration is Easy!  Just click on the "Register" button.  You can join a Team, or create one with family and friends.

Fundraising is easy, too.  When you register, a personal "Fundraising Page" will be created for you on this site.  You can tailor this Fundraising Page with your own message and photos.  Send the link to your Fundraising Page and use the page to ask for donations--large or small--from family, friends and colleagues to support your participation in Reid's Ride.  Donations are made on-line right on your page. 

A thank-you email is automatically sent to everyone who donates to your page.  You can customize the thank you email, too.

You can also create Team Fundraising Pages, as well, so you can consolidate all the fund-raising accomplished by your team.

It's never too early to start Fundraising!  So register today, and email the link to your personal Reid's Ride Fundraising Page to as many family, friends and colleagues as possible, as soon as possible.