Saturday, November 04, 2017


RUNNING ULTRA MARATHON 11/4/17 to raise $ for SOME. Who? My name is Katy-Jayne Dowd, 35, mom to 17 m/old Ava Grace, Master/Estate Gardener & formerDSP/CRMA/SOCoach forMomentum,Inc, Windham,ME. Studying to be NASM Personal Trainer w/concentration in Corrective Exercise. My 1st ultramarathon, a 50-mile race!  Previously I have competed in triathlons,1/2 marathons & 25km trail races & have placed well. Why? I am lucky enough to be physically capable to attempt this. It is a great privilege to know that I have a body that can (trusting) endure such a mental/ physical challenge of which I am thankful for every day. The way I view life; no matter the challenge, if you can complete, say an ultramarathon (for me); beat the exhaustion as well as conquer the mental highs/lows, then you can do anything you put your mind to. Pain is temporary. Success secedes pain almost always as long as your desire to complete or even attempt to Begin a goal is there. I Expect to learn about myself. I was told I would never have children & then had quite a surprise,Ava Grace. Running in nature/physical activity has kept me grounded as a new/unexpected mother. Motherhood is the greatest gift I have been given & I truly believe being/striving to be the best role model you can be; setting mental/physical goals & demonstrating those acts to your children is ultimately important. Since Ava, I have made changes in my life, coming to understand myself in a way thought impossible. Adjusting my life for another person seemed a challenge. I have Aspergers autism/OCD/generalized anxiety disorder & have endured various challenges that have caused disruption/challenges in my work/personal/social & family life. These 'ubiquitus' traits have made me stronger & working through them I have succeeded in life. Often,I am untouched by these minor 'differences', but a lot of that is due to having an outlet to filter out the bad & fill those spaces with the good.For me, exerting myself physically has been an outlet to release frustration/anxiety & build self-confidence. Trail running is dear to me because it is a metaphor for my life; roots/rocks/falls & getting back up,Peace in nature, breathing & rhythm. Life will always throw tests head on at you; but that does not mean you can not come out on top.That’s how trails are, they just come @ you.There is something about my feet pounding into the dirt/grass/rough terrain, the feel of the solid earth beneath me, that keeps me present & in control. I need that 'being present,'mindfulnes, to deal with anxiety & feel @ peace,To be the best MOTHER I can be; Which brings me back to being grateful that I have a body that is capable to endure physical activity. I need it; movement/running are my therapy. The farther I get away from the past, or self-doubt; the closer I get to my future…which I choose to see as bright, especially since Ava was born. 50 miles doesn’t seem so far. I ran away from my own life for so long, that 4 laps around a 12.5 m loop in a beautiful forest seems FUN! Training: I have been running anywhere from 12-20 miles 5 days a week & w/3 months until the race I feel confident I will at the very least complete it. I see myself performing well but even finishing will be a success.I choose to run this race to raise/donate $ to Special Olympics ME. I worked/coached for 7yrs supporting amazing adults w/ intellectual disabilities.  Please join me in raising $ for athletes of all mental/ physical capabilities & rejoice in their success.