Unified Sports and Anti-Bullying Fundraiser with PES 685

Friday, April 28, 2017


Hello! We are a group of students completing our Masters in Sport Administration at Central Michigan University.  One of our final requirements tasked to us in order to become graduates of the university is to prove a theory that revolves around the concept of "peer-to-peer" fundraising.  Everyone knows at least five people and each of those people know at least five other people and so on.  The amount and diversity of people that can be reached across the world is endless and we want to see how far out into the world we can go!

Our mission is to raise money to support a cause that is so near and dear to our hearts and others.  We are supporting unified sports and anti-bulling initiatives through the Special Olympics organization.  We are incredibly excited and humbled to be working with and raising money for a movement and cause that is so much bigger than ourselves.  Everyone want to make a stamp in another's life - this is your opportunity to join us and make your stamp on these athlete's lives!                       

So how can you help with our project?  Please consider registering yourself as a supporter of our movement by choosing the "Join Now" button and setting up a fundraising page.  Share this page on social media and see how far your reach travels in the world.  Tell your friends and family that you believe in an inclusive culture and to support your efforts!

Secondly you can also form a team by encouraging others to join you in spreading the word.  See how many people you can get to join your team and fundraise as a group effort. 

Thirdly you can make a general donation to the project which supports Special Olympics Michigan.  The impact of your donation allows children and adults with intellectual disabilities to participate in year-round sports training, competition and health screenings at no cost to the athletes or their families.  Currently there are over 23,000 athltes in our program! 

For more information on Special Olympics Michigan go to www.somi.org.