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In Soshanguve, South Africa, children as young as elementary school through high school face the daily threat of sex slavery.  In our world the vulnerable go unprotected and particularly young women and children in this community have no one to call.


The Safe House Project (SHP) is an effort to build a home to protect vulnerable children and women from the daily threat of sex trafficking.  Our goal is to raise $70,000 more to reach the ultimate goal of $100,000 so that we can work to complete the Safe House in Soshanguve by 2018 (please watch the video)!  The picture above shows the land we are praying to build the Safe House on.


We’re asking for your help. Pleace consider being a part of the 300 x 300!  We are asking 300 people to raise $300 dollars to protect these children.  Create a page, share it, and have a direct impact in ending sex trafficking in these young lives!  100% of your gifts go directly to build the Safe House

We will not rest until these kids have a Safe House. 


The SHP was initiated by hip hop label Renaissance Movement after a trip to South Africa in 2016.  After meeting the children in Soshanguve at the Kerus Orphan Care Center and learning of the dangers they face, a partnership began between their non-profit, Expect Renaissance and with Kerus Global Education in South Africa, and the Safe House Project was born.  Learn more by visiting the website below.  Renaissance Movement also created an album called “Safe House” that gives 100% of its proceeds direct to the SHP.



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