Youth Leadership Academy (YLA)

Thursday, November 03, 2011


The Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) is a 501c3 non-profit organization serving at-risk students from Illinois School Districts U-46 (largest in the state next to Chicago), D300, D301 and D303.  We deliver a unique leadership training program based on self-determination principles, service-learning and college readiness.  Upon graduation from high school, our cadets are awarded a full tuition scholarship at ECC, and Judson University also offers full tuition scholarships to some of our alumni.  YLA has helped over 100 students gain access to higher education since its first graduating class in 2002. 

HOW DO WE DO THIS?  With a small hard-working staff and a number of highly dedicated volunteers and Board members who believe in the power of an education! Most of our students truly would not consider themselves to be college-bound without the scholarships that are available to them through YLA.  We at the YLA believe education is key in breaking the cycle of poverty -- and we ARE making a difference in this, one student at a time!   

This is YLA's first online giving campaign!  Please help us make it a successful one!  All donations will directly impact our ability to keep serving students -- students like Jose, a senior who wants to be an engineer and stays after our leadership training sessions to tutor younger students in math.  Then there's Trejuan, an 8th grader who moved up to Illinois with his mom after being displaced from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and of course Rhaven, a 9th grader responsible for watching her younger brothers and sisters after school and still found time to talk with 5th and 6th grade girls about growing up to be strong, confident young women.

On behalf of Jose, Trejuan, Rhaven and over 100 other students who are being shaped to be the next generation of educated community leaders -- THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT!  ***      

*** All donations to the YLA are tax-deductible.