African Lion & Environmental Research Trust

For millennia the lion has been an instantly recognizable symbol of courage, authority and of wisdom for thousands of cultures throughout the world. Now, this iconic creature is in danger of losing its place as the King of Beasts.

An estimated 80 to 90% of lions have been lost since 1975.

ALERT takes a responsible development approach to lion conservation, aiming to ensure that the species survives in viable numbers, for the benefit of current and future generations.

Only with our collective pride is there still time to save the lion; to ensure the future of "the fiercest and most magnanimous of the four footed beasts" (Samuel Johnson's Dictionary of the English Language, 1755).

The African Lion and Environmental Research Trust (ALERT) is dedicated to the facilitation and promotion of sound conservation and management plans for the African lion (Panthera leo). By means of a responsible development approach we aim to realize the species’ potential to provide substantial social, cultural, ecological and economic benefits.

We believe that the challenges facing Africa can most effectively be met by uniting community and policy makers with conservation managers, researchers and business leaders. In doing so we can make the best decisions for Africa’s people, its environment and its wildlife. This union ensures both present and future generations are able to enjoy the benefits of Africa’s environmental services by integrating the protection of natural processes with economic and social development in a process we term responsible development.

Our environment is shaped not just by geography and bio-physical factors, but also by socio-economic, legal and political ones. ALERT therefore takes a holistic approach to conservation recognizing that our actions must address all these factors if our programs are to succeed.