2nd Annual International Bhikkhuni Day - Pledge-athon 2012

Saturday, September 29, 2012


Support the Bhikkhunis!

Pick a day and celebrate with us...

This annual celebration and pledge-a-thon educates people and supports the global Bhikkhuni Sangha, its history, revival and important role in the Fourfold Assembly! Please take this opportunity to build community, increase awareness of Bhikkhuni accomplishments, and current challenges, as well as to raise funds. All donations will go directly to support the Bhikkhuni Sangha, their viharas and monasteries. Feel free to let the Alliance for Bhikkhunis know exactly where you would like your donations sent.

Please set aside the any day in September, October, November or beyond to celebrate in tandem with others around the globe, as we commemorate Sanghamitta Theri, the founder of the Bhikkhuni Sangha in Sri Lanka. We also honor all Buddhist pioneering women. We will explore what it means to a modern-day front runner and examine the lives and accomplishments of contemporary monastic women who are establishing Bhikkhuni Sanghas in countries new to Buddhism and are spreading the Dhamma to a new generation.

Please consider creating your own Firstgiving page and invite your family and friends to make pledges to sponsor you in an hour, day or weekend devoted to practicing the Dhamma and sharing teachings and history about the pioneering buddhist women who have inspired us.

Visit our site at www.bhikkhuni.net to download a do-it-yourself celebration kit that will enable you to structure the day, whether you are meditating alone or in a group. The Alliance for Bhikkhunis site will have videos, MP3s, Dhamma talks by bhikkhunis, slide shows, as well as brochures for sponsors, handouts that can be used to facilitate discussion about the women who have paved the way for us. Articles related to this subject will be posted as well.

(Photo courtesy of Dhammawiki.)