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Thank you for visiting my fundraising page.  All funds raised through this site are fully tax-deductible and go directly to ALS ONE (www.alsone.org).  Please take a moment to watch the video above to learn more about Founder Kevin Gosnell's journey and how ALS ONE began.  

WHAT IS ALS ONE? ALS ONE is an unprecedented partnership of the world’s leaders in ALS from Massachusetts General Hospital, UMass Medical Center, Harvard Medical School, ALS Therapy Development Institute, and CCALS. Together, they have joined forces on a shared Science Plan. An approach to a disease to this extent has never been taken. They have committed to finding treatments or cure for ALS by the year 2020, while improving the care model for those living with ALS now. 

ABOUT ALS ONE'S FOUNDER In May 2015, Kevin Gosnell a 47-year-old husband, father of three and thriving business owner, was diagnosed with an aggressive form of ALS. After realizing there was no cure, and little that doctors could do to even treat his devastating condition, Kevin made a brave decision. To dig deeper. Ask questions. And use the resources, team building skills and relationships he had cultivated as a business owner to create a new organization. ONE that had never been done before. ONE committed to bringing the best doctors, researchers, and care practitioners TOGETHER, to share a science plan, and by doing so, change the course of history for that horrific disease that was cruelly taking his life away. He also amassed an army of passionate people to raise funds for that partnership of doctors, to keep them in their labs, focusing on the things that they do best. Kevin knew it wouldn't help him, and in the end it didn't, Kevin lost his battle on August 8th of 2016. ALS ONE is committed to their goal and are steadfast in completing his mission, one that the ALS ONE partnership of doctors publicly stated at the ALS ONE: With proper funding, they will identify a treatment or cure for ALS by 2020, and improve the care for those battling ALS now.

ONE GOAL: Identify a treatment for ALS and enhance care resources for persons living with ALS.

ONE TEAM: Dr. Robert Brown Jr., MD, DPhil UMass Medical Center, Dr. Merit Cudkowicz, MD, MSc Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), Dr. Steve Perrin, Ph.D. ALS Therapy Development Institute, Dr. Nazem Atassi, MD (MGH), Dr. James Berry, MD (MGH), Ron Hoffman, Founder and Director Compassionate Care ALS (CCALS).

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*If you would like to send a check directly to ALS ONE in support of my hike, please send to:

ALS ONE Inc.  8 Industrial Way  Whitman MA 02382

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Email: jen@alsone.org

Phone: 617-922-8702

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