Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes provides free grief support services to anyone experiencing the sudden, unexpected loss of an infant or toddler.


Angel Eyes Mission 

Helping families and others cope with the sudden, unexpected death of an infant or toddler, while raising awareness, providing education and supporting research regarding sudden, unexpected infant and toddler death.

Core Values

  • Counseling and Support: Offer compassionate and professional bereavement counseling and support services at no charge to families, caregivers and others that are impacted by the sudden, unexpected death of an infant or toddler.
  • Education and Awareness: Keep babies and toddlers healthy by awareness, prevention and risk reduction education to the Colorado community.
  • Research: Support efforts to reduce the incidence of infant and toddler deaths. Maintain statistical data that is available and of value to researchers. 


Goals and Objectives
  • Provide every Colorado family experiencing the sudden, unexpected death of an infant or toddler with a personal contact soon after we are notified of the death, along with informational packets containing appropriate literature regarding the death and bereavement issues.
  • Provide professional case management, information and support services in a culturally competent and linguistically appropriate manner to those affected by sudden, unexpected infant or toddler death throughout the next two years following the death and longer if needed.
  • Provide accurate and culturally competent information and education to the Colorado community regarding SIDS and other sudden, unexpected infant and toddler deaths.
  • Provide accurate data regarding these deaths in Colorado; determine trends that might reflect areas of program or educational needs.
  • Provide sufficient operating funds to support program operations through fundraising, grants, individual donations and corporate donations.